03 Food Stories


Client: de Bijenkorf
Project: Food Stories
Creative Direction + Production
Campaign Photography + Video

Based on the love for food, the Bijenkorf developed and launched its new product line: Food Stories. Appetizing imagery created the visual identity for the brand. For the launch campaign Avenue Concordia created and produced a visual concept for the brand.

Bijenkorf_Foodstories_FullRes-2_LOWRES (1)

The Food Stories line includes herbal teas, fruity marmalades, honey, Dutch brewed beer, and much more delicious products. The campaign images are now on display in both the Bijenkorf stores and online. Furthermore, we produced a story-telling campaign video on an estate in the beautiful surroundings of Beesd.

Bijenkorf_Foodstories_FullRes-1_LOWRES (1)