Avenue Concordia's in-house video unit creates aesthetic and engaging short story-driven videos for brands and companies. We bring an intimate understanding of the brand into the heart of the story, and tell it with compelling visuals that maximise PR impact.

Mano Bouzamour is a Dutch novelist and columnist. He scored a stunning success with his first novel, De belofte van Pisa, in which he ironically described his childhood and youth as the son of immigrants in the Netherlands. In this video he discusses the book and exchanges it with a book by Tommy Wieringa: De dood van Murat Idrissi.

Marian Mudder is an actress and writer. She has appeared in several Dutch television series such as Baantjer and Vrouwenvleugel. In this video she talks about her book Sofa sessies and reads DJ, written by Kluun.

Kader Abdolah is a Persian-Dutch writer, poet and columnist. He has written several books and articles and is known for using Persian literary themes in his Dutch works. In this video Kader reads the children's book De Griezelbus by Paul van Loon and tells us about his book Achter het gordijn.

Yvette van Boven is a food writer, chef, columnist and television presenter. The book Home Made was awarded Cookbook of the Year 2010. She is mostly known for her cooking show Koken met van Boven. Yvette recently wrote a new book called Home Sweet Home. In this video she reads a cookbook by Onno Klein titled Frankrijk.

Victor Mids is both an illusionist and a doctor. He is therefore able to bring illusion and science together in a unique way. In this video he discusses his new book Mindf*ck where he explains the methods of his illusions. He reads a book by Herman Koch called Makkelijk leven.

Harmen van Straaten is a writer and illustrator. He has illustrated about 400 books and has written 50 books for all ages. He talks about his children's book En toen kwamen de monsters and reads the book Ach, Moedertje written by Hugo Borst.

Kim van Kooten is an actress and screenwriter. She has written the script of successful Dutch movie Alles is Liefde. In this video she talks about her new book Lieveling and Sonja Barend's book Je ziet mij nooit meer terug. The title refers to her father's last words.

Bart Ongering, better known as Meester Bart is one of the most well known teachers in the Netherlands. Additionally, he writes columns about his experiences as a teacher in the Bijlmer. His new book Meester Bart op zijn best is a collection of his columns. In this reads a book by Tim Hofman called Gedichten van de broer van Roos.

Alongside her career as a journalist, Lydia Rood is a full-time writer. In fifteen years she has written more than sixty books. Books for adolescents, novels, plays and thrillers. In this video she reads Masser Brock by Bert Wagendorp and her own book titled De dochter van de zeemeermin.

Raymond Kluun, also known as Kluun is a Dutch author. He is well known for his novel Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter, in which he documents a fictionalized version of his own life story. In this video he talks about his own book DJ and reads De dood van Murat Idrissi, written by Tommy Wieringa.

Avenue Concordia developed the new corporate branding video for the Bijenkorf. Opening its first small branch in 1870, the Bijenkorf grew out to be one of the most fashionable and popular shopping destinations in the Netherlands with department stores all over the country and online. The video tells the brand's captivating story featuring real Bijenkorf employees. We visualised the brand values combining large archive projections with contemporary images and silhouettes.

Based on the love for food, de Bijenkorf developed and launched its new product line: Food Stories. The Food Stories line includes herbal teas, fruity marmalades, honey, Dutch brewed beer, and much more delicious products. We produced a story-telling campaign video on an estate in the beautiful surroundings of Beesd, starring product group manager Kees van Wezel.

Sinterklaas visits the bakery of the Bijenkorf together with master baker Mark Potma. Never too old to play a game.

During his stay in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas is extremely busy. Mostly with testing all the toys in his office.

Sinterklaas shows his negotiating skills while ensuring a proper discount for Bijenkorf clients.

Sinterklaas is perfectly capable of finding the perfect gift for everyone. In his very own vlog he shows how to do the same using the Bijenkorf’s gift finder.

Make-up artist Yokaw receives a very special guest. Watch the video to see what beauty tips she gives Sinterklaas about grooming and facial care at any age.

Personal Shopper Ron Weil shows you how to survive the festive season. Follow his fabulous tips in order to impress your guests and create a fantastic Christmas dinner.

It is time to shine! Personal Shopper of the Bijenkorf Rotterdam Ron Weil gives five tips to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Don't know how to create a festive and fashionable look for Christmas and New Years? Personal shopper Ron Weil shows five tips to complete your party outfit.

What to wear to a wedding? How to deal with dress codes? The Bijenkorf's personal shopper Ron Weil answers all our questions on wedding fashion.

Short or speedo? Where do you leave your beach attributes? Ron Weil, personal shopper at the Bijenkorf Rotterdam, tells you all you need to know about swimwear.

Suitcases, essential travel items and more. Ron's best tips and tricks for a carefree journey!

Ron Weil, personal shopper of the Bijenkorf Rotterdam, shows the latest trends in menswear.

From face creams to fragrances. Personal shopper Ron Weil shares useful tips for facial care and grooming.

Ron shows this season's essential accessories for the modern man.

Summer is in sight and we are happy to share ideas and inspiration for a wonderful summer in the city in this video for department store the Bijenkorf. This Avenue Concordia video production shows tips and tricks to make your garden or roof terrace Summer-proof with the best table wear, garden furniture, accessories and delicacies from the Bijenkorf.

Every New Year starts with New Years resolutions. Health influencers Girls Love 2 Run and Dr. Ludidi give you tips and tricks to keep your New Years resolutions going. Avenue Concordia was asked to direct and produce this video for the Bijenkorf.

Avenue Concordia directed and produced a short after-movie for Salon Residence; a biannual interior fair organised by interior and lifestyle magazine Residence. Salon Residence brings design inspiration working with top class brands and partners in the Singer Museum in Laren.

Avenue Concordia produced an in-store event and video series for de Bijenkorf talking to Wim Pijbes on Christmas preparations and december festivities.

Avenue Concordia produced an in-store event and video series for de Bijenkorf talking to Yokaw Pat on Christmas preparations and december festivities.

Avenue Concordia produced an in-store event and video series for de Bijenkorf talking to Fiona Hering on Christmas preparations and december festivities.

The Bijenkorf assigned Avenue Concordia to direct and produce a video for the 'Street Couture' Spring theme. Personal shopper Ron Weil explains one how to apply street couture trends to daily life.

In the coming years, the Wisselspoor area in Utrecht will be transformed by real estate developer Synchroon into a fine residential environment while preserving the industrial heritage: such as the old halls and parts of switches and tracks. Avenue Concordia created a campaign video discussing the project with Synchroon director Tobias Verhoeven, landscape architect Steven Delva and placemaking creator Job Keja from Skonk.